Change Log

This update adds support for Shortcuts and adds the option to customise the home screen layout.

• Added Shortcut support – integrate Weighed into your own workflows

• Added option to customise home screen layout

• Added option to adjust average period used for goal

• Improved display of goal weeks remaining

• Fixed a display bug with empty days in charts

• Fixed background colour of analysis year chart

• Improvements to various UI elements


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• Weighed Pro subscriptions now available with free 2 week trial

• Added support for keyboard shortcuts

• Improvements to Watch app performance

• Improved reliability of clearing application badge when responding to notifications on Apple Watch

• Fixed an issue preventing Watch app from loading data

• Bug fixes and improvements

• UI tweaks to existing Widgets

• New Record Entry Widget

• iOS 15 Only – Widgets on the Lock Screen now hide sensitive information when your device is locked

• Support for Watch Series 7 screen sizes

• Bug fixes & Interface improvements

• iOS 15 Compatibility.

• New Widget showing current week chart.

• Improved performance of existing Widgets.

• Bug fixes & performance improvements.

• Introducing Analytics, view your progress by week, month, quarter, or year. Month, quarter, and year views require Weighed Pro.

• Improvements to calculating goal progress.

• Bug fixes & performance improvements.

• Weekly goals now shown in home section

• View goal progress week-by-week

• Entry details screen now shows link to BMI & Body Fat analysis datasources.

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This update introduces a completely new UI written from ground up in SwiftUI and lays the groundwork for implementing new features.

• New: SwiftUI Native Interface.

• New: Improved iPadOS Support.

• Improvements to data accuracy and error handling.

• Improvements to HealthKit Data importing. 

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• Various improvements to Watch app.

This will be the last version to support iOS 13.

• New: Added support for Weighed on Apple Watch. Requires WatchOS 7.0 or higher.

• Improved: Syncing data between devices, changes from other devices are handled more consistently.

• Improved: Widgets on iOS should update sooner and now support configuration options.

• New: iOS / iPadOS 14 Support.

• New: 3 new widgets for iOS 14, widget themes can be changed in Settings>Advanced.

• New: Major changes to the data model to make new features and ongoing maintenance easier.

• New: Default app icon, the previous version is available in Settings.

• Removed ‘Rest Week’ option from week target settings. 

• Fixed incorrect text being displayed in FAQ section.

• New: The active Goal can now be edited, the goal type (loss, maintain, or gain), weekly target, and goal target can be edited.

• New: Added ability to edit existing entries, tap the Edit button in entry Detail screen to make changes.

• New: Writing data to Health App is now free to all users, a Weighed Pro subscription is not required.

• New: Added support for DynamicType throughout Weighed, text sizes will now adjust based on your system settings.

• New: When creating a new entry Weighed will show you the BMI / Body Fat Percent result as you enter values.

• New: The entry history view now shows how healthy the BMI & Body Fat % values are.

• New: When creating a goal Weighed will tell you how healthy the target is.

• New: Improved support for trackpads on iPadOS 13.4 onwards.

• New: Added keyboard shortcuts for creating and saving entries & reminders.

• New: Added buttons to keyboard to allow quick switching textFields.

• New: Added FAQ section to Settings.


• Improved accuracy when converting between different weight units.

• Updated Weighed Pro views.

• Fixed Weekly Review showing incorrect value for achieved values.

• Fixed bug which could cause the notification badge to be displayed permanently.

• Fixed keyboard toolbar colour not matching keyboard background.

• Fixed bug which could assign imported entries to the wrong week.

• Fixed a bug which would cause the app the crash when exporting data on an iPad.

• Fixed a bug which would sometime prevent BodyFat Percentage from showing on graphs.

• Fixed a bug causing graph legends to show Body Fat Percentage when no Body Fat entries were in range.

• New: Added link to Change Log to the About Screen.

• New: Added an option to set the current week as a rest week.

• New: Added links under Settings to suggest features, and report issues.

• New: Implemented new notification and menu view for Weekly Reviews, the weekly review feature can be disabled in Settings > Advanced.

• New: Weighed will now attempt to merge weight & body fat % samples with similar creation times into a single entry during import from the Health App.

• New: Body fat % samples being imported from the Health App without a corresponding weight sample will use the existing weight entry with the closest date for calculations.


• Changes to haptic feedback throughout the app.

• Updated the UI in the Health App view in settings.

• Minor UI changes the interface in the week details & goal details screens.

• Made it more obvious that the current week is active on the goal detail scene.

• Fixed a bug where the today Widget would sometimes show out of date information.

• Changes to the images used to show the week target status display in the goal details & week details screens.

• Fixed bug when goal week data wouldn’t update after adding new entries.

• New: Added option to manually import Health App data.

• Improved handling of changes to iCloud data.

• Improved automatic importing of Health App data.

• Fixed an issue with changes to iCloud data would cause the app to crash when viewing data history.

• UI changes when adding new entries & viewing previously recorded entries.

• New: iCloud sync support, Weighed now syncs your data between devices automatically using iCloud.

• New: Haptic feedback throughout the app.

• Improved onboarding process, including option to use existing iCloud data if available.

• Fixed bug using a crash when trying to connect to the App Store with no data connection.

• Improved interface, tweaks to UI throughout.

• Dropped support for iOS 12 and below.

• Improved automatic importing of data from the Health App.

• Various minor bug fixes.

 New: Streaks – the number of consecutive days you have recorded is shown on the home screen, optional setting to allow missing a single day without ending streak.

• New: Goal details now shown in entry detail view in History section, tap to view goal.

• New: Delete entry button in entry detail view.

• New: Button to reset auto import history (Settings>Apple Health).

• Fix: Improvements to reliability of auto-import of data from Apple Health.

• Fix: Fixed issue preventing Body Fat % data from importing from Apple Health.

• Fix: Fixed issue recording entries using “,” as the decimal separator.

• Fix: Improved display of decimal numbers to respect device region settings.

Various bug fixes

Initial release