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Body Weight Tracker, take the stress out of controlling your weight.

Free to download, no signup needed, and no ads.

Make controlling your weight easier.

Weighed shows your true progress and helps you meet your body goals.

Apple Health

Share your data with Apple Health, or import from other apps.


Use a passcode or biometrics to secure your data.

Multiple Metrics

Record and track your Weight and Body Fat percentage.


Used time or location as a trigger for alerts to record an entry.

Data Export

Your data is always yours. Export all your data at any time.

Versatile Goals

Weighed supports you in meeting your targets, whether it’s losing, maintaining, or gaining weight or body fat.

Small Changes, Often

Weekly targets with achievable goals help you to see small differences regularly.

Averaged Data

Your progress is measured using your average weight, reducing fluctuations.

Focus on Goals

Weighed shows you your true progress, so you can focus on the end result.



Set a lose goal if you want to reduce your weight, or get lean.



If you're happy with your weight, use a maintenance goal to keep things steady.



If you're looking to bulk-up, start a gain goal and keep an eye on your body composition.


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